Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Moment

There is always a moment in our lives one that defines us. One that comforts us. One to finally tell us we know the truth. Life is made up of moments. Each one a new experience. Each one a different spot in time with an impact on us individually these moments are to be cherished for all that they are worth. Many a time these moments are passed over in the business of everyday. When you take the time to sit and express cedar these moments that is when you are truly living.
There is a moment for every situation. The time you know you are with the eight people,there is a moment. It is that moment  when you feel you heart finally have rest you are comforted by the people around and all stress seems to go away.
The moment when you feel love or longing, you know it is there because your heart rate quickens, there seems to be an electricity that glide over your skin. The persons touch lingers on your skin for ever after they have let go. They are those you think about and can recall the things that makes them yours.
The moments in life are something to be truly cherished and enjoyed by all. We can't let the moments of life be tarnished and abandoned by the year as it goes by.

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