Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have come too the realization that certain people in our lives are placed in our lives to affect all of us for the better.Certain people have the extraordinary ability to make our day better just by showing up. These people also become some of the most important people in out lives. Without them it seems like the world would end at that moment. I am so glad that I have these type of people in my life.

The Essence of Time

What is time? Is it really something so tangible that it can separate people so much, or is it an idea planted in our heads to give us the illusion of difference. What would happen if time became irrelevant; what would change in the world? Would people treat people evenly? Would we all be equals? It makes you think. If time was irrelevant, would so much bad have to happen or would people strive to do so much good. Would fear ever play a role in life decisions, or would fear become a non existent emotion. Time plays a big role in our every day lives. It is given the power to dictate our thoughts, actions, and feelings. If that power was gone the world would be a different place in my eyes.We would be a more relaxed people, more peaceful, never worrying about when things have to happen and just getting them done because we want to. The things that we do would become more motivated. Time is allowed to separate people purely because it gives the illusion of  indifference. If it were gone would we really all be totally different people because of our age, or would we be seen for who we truly are? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love the message of this song. It explains so much of my life in a beautiful song. I couldn't put it better myself

Friday, March 23, 2012

Slipping into Lunacy

The voices in my head won't stop blaring like a brilliant, bright firework display
.The pounding is unbearable, the pain to much to handle. 
I get lost in my own head trying to escape. 
Jungles filled with tangled vine of thoughts, trying to get out, being suppressed by a censor, lead to confusion and doubt. 
It started with one thought that multiplied, became tangled in every other thought I have. 
The noise is at decibels I can't even comprehend, so loud. 
Every one wants a say on everything that I do.
 Each distinct voice different, clear, and strong. 
With their own opinions that are to much to handle all being expressed at the same time. 
Why can't they all be quiet?
 I only want one voice in my head. 
It will be mine and mine alone, left to dictate my actions, thoughts, and  words.

~Hunter Oviatt

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fears Of A Sophomore

All the good things coming to and end,
Never having to worry about what my life would have been.
Without you in my life this year 
I would really have much to fear.
Now I can take on the world however it may come
As long as I have you to lean back on,
When the worst comes to worst.
So sad, The fear creeps into my soul
The fear that I will be all alone.
Why, oh, why must you all go?
Can't we just stop time,  
So that we don't have to say goodbye so fast,
Don't, please don't leave. 
I fear the person I will become, 
Without you in my life. 
I cant go back,I know I can't, 
But what if the future holds a far worse me then I was.
Help me to not go back to who I was.
 You have all helped to bring out the light,
But now I can faintly see the darkness in my view,
growing slowly by steadily now.

CrAzY DaYz

Well lately my life has been pretty hectic. The end of the term this Friday adds even more unwanted stress. There is just so much to get done to stay caught up, and stay on top of things. Don't you just hate it when teachers tell you three days before the term ends that you have a big assignment due that you don't even know what it is. Why cant we all just calm down.

Also AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! It is the start of fourth term on Monday. This year has gone by so freaking fast. It seems like only yesterday I was starting High School, now I am almost done with my Sophomore year. So many things have happened, so many friends made that I will never forget.

For me the end of the school year is actually extremely sad. All of the most stupendous friends that I have made this year are all seniors and will be leaving me for college and other places. It makes me feel completely lost. I don't think that I will know what to do with myself next year. I just hope that we will be friends after they graduate. They have helped me so much to grow and better myself, I don't like to think about what my life would be like know if I hadn't met these wonderful people.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday Night

This Saturday I got the opportunity to spend part of the night with two of the true friends that I mentioned in the previous post. We had a miraculous conversation that got me thinking about my life. It was a night filled with happiness and self discovery.

The next morning I got up and wrote this, I don't know what to call it. It was inspired by that amazing conversation.

Why don't the things I want ever seem to be in my grasp,
Always just a step ahead moving too fast.
When I finally seem to be getting things right,
They go zoom, out of sight.
Though I have the things that I need;
How come my wants never succeed?
I feel all alone,
Even when everyone is home.
Forgotten to let nature take its course;
Never finding true fulfillment from any source.

~Hunter Oviatt

True Friendship

This week I was given the prompt to write about what it means to be a friend. This got me thinking about my friends very much. I then went on in the essay to  better define varying levels of friendship. The level of friendship that I decided was most important was what I call true friendship. I define this as someone you click with upon first meeting, regardless of any misconceptions you might have about the person. A true friend will always tell you the truth no matter what the truth is. They will always be upfront  with you. They will always be there to give you the best advice in any situation you might find yourself in. They will give their opinion, even when you don't want it, simply because they have your best interest at heart.

As I went over the various friendships that I have  had throughout my life, I realized that I have made more true friendships in my first year of high school then in my whole life. Those friends are the ones that I cherish the most. They inspire me to be the best that I can be. Without those friends I would be completely lost this year. They have made me feel more alive then I have felt in a long time. They have rejuvenated me to a person that I thought was long gone , one that I  thought I would never get to be or see again.

I owe so much to these friends. I would never trade them for anything. They mean the world to me. I love them so much. For those of you who read this you know who you are, and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have you guys in my life.

~Hunter Oviatt