Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moment of angst

Why when everything seems to be going great does something always have to come and mess it up. Things go great then an uproar is seen on the horizon and all heck breaks loose. One moment or something not expected comes and throws the entire balance of your life out of whack. It makes all things seem to good to be true, when the tiniest bit of what your life used to be comes along. This thing comes and takes away those things you hold closest to your heart. The things you care mist about in the world. It leaves you with a big empty pit in our heart. A pit filled with bitter despair that you can't fill no matter what you try. So you go back to something that you think might fill it but doesn't and only makes you fill worse. That is when you know that you are truly out of balance with the world around you. You fill like you are on a different plane then the rest of the world around you.

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