Monday, July 30, 2012


How can we ever be certain of anything. When everything around us always seems to change. What seems like something solid, something we can count on can change just like the seasons of the year. One moment of our lives it is here the next gone put of our lives forever. Then there are the things that seem like they change and leave our lives then make an unwelcome appearance when it is convenient for them. Change is a good thing but can turn bad in an instant. The ever constant flux of the world is what leads people to be uncertain of what to come. It can be so overwhelming that they begin to be uncertain in their own selves. Never knowing what is truly Their own wants, desires, or feelings. They become so flustered in the ever changing cycle of life that they themselves can not discern what is a certain concrete thing and what might just be a fleeting moment in their lives. Thus throwing themselves onto even more turmoil then they might already be in. All moments in life are fleeting. But those concrete things we count on in life are solid, they are the rocks that we can count on to keep a strong foundation. When one of them becomes uncertain and susceptible to change then all facets of life can be altered drastically. Uncertainty sets in and we question ourselves. Change is one of the contributing factors to uncertainty, it is something necessary to our lives but can turn a while life upside down on an instant if in the wrong direction.

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