Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Essence of Time

What is time? Is it really something so tangible that it can separate people so much, or is it an idea planted in our heads to give us the illusion of difference. What would happen if time became irrelevant; what would change in the world? Would people treat people evenly? Would we all be equals? It makes you think. If time was irrelevant, would so much bad have to happen or would people strive to do so much good. Would fear ever play a role in life decisions, or would fear become a non existent emotion. Time plays a big role in our every day lives. It is given the power to dictate our thoughts, actions, and feelings. If that power was gone the world would be a different place in my eyes.We would be a more relaxed people, more peaceful, never worrying about when things have to happen and just getting them done because we want to. The things that we do would become more motivated. Time is allowed to separate people purely because it gives the illusion of  indifference. If it were gone would we really all be totally different people because of our age, or would we be seen for who we truly are? 

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