Sunday, March 18, 2012

True Friendship

This week I was given the prompt to write about what it means to be a friend. This got me thinking about my friends very much. I then went on in the essay to  better define varying levels of friendship. The level of friendship that I decided was most important was what I call true friendship. I define this as someone you click with upon first meeting, regardless of any misconceptions you might have about the person. A true friend will always tell you the truth no matter what the truth is. They will always be upfront  with you. They will always be there to give you the best advice in any situation you might find yourself in. They will give their opinion, even when you don't want it, simply because they have your best interest at heart.

As I went over the various friendships that I have  had throughout my life, I realized that I have made more true friendships in my first year of high school then in my whole life. Those friends are the ones that I cherish the most. They inspire me to be the best that I can be. Without those friends I would be completely lost this year. They have made me feel more alive then I have felt in a long time. They have rejuvenated me to a person that I thought was long gone , one that I  thought I would never get to be or see again.

I owe so much to these friends. I would never trade them for anything. They mean the world to me. I love them so much. For those of you who read this you know who you are, and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to have you guys in my life.

~Hunter Oviatt

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