Friday, March 23, 2012

Slipping into Lunacy

The voices in my head won't stop blaring like a brilliant, bright firework display
.The pounding is unbearable, the pain to much to handle. 
I get lost in my own head trying to escape. 
Jungles filled with tangled vine of thoughts, trying to get out, being suppressed by a censor, lead to confusion and doubt. 
It started with one thought that multiplied, became tangled in every other thought I have. 
The noise is at decibels I can't even comprehend, so loud. 
Every one wants a say on everything that I do.
 Each distinct voice different, clear, and strong. 
With their own opinions that are to much to handle all being expressed at the same time. 
Why can't they all be quiet?
 I only want one voice in my head. 
It will be mine and mine alone, left to dictate my actions, thoughts, and  words.

~Hunter Oviatt

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