Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fears Of A Sophomore

All the good things coming to and end,
Never having to worry about what my life would have been.
Without you in my life this year 
I would really have much to fear.
Now I can take on the world however it may come
As long as I have you to lean back on,
When the worst comes to worst.
So sad, The fear creeps into my soul
The fear that I will be all alone.
Why, oh, why must you all go?
Can't we just stop time,  
So that we don't have to say goodbye so fast,
Don't, please don't leave. 
I fear the person I will become, 
Without you in my life. 
I cant go back,I know I can't, 
But what if the future holds a far worse me then I was.
Help me to not go back to who I was.
 You have all helped to bring out the light,
But now I can faintly see the darkness in my view,
growing slowly by steadily now.

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