Thursday, May 24, 2012


Conversations running through my brain. Loud and proud. Confusing and agitating all at the same time. Some bring peace, others annoy and dredge up emotions and feelings of the past. In my head they take turns never allowed to take outside of my head. In my head the conversations can do anything they want. In the real world however conversations aren't so nice. They are fleeting when they actually happen a few words and pleasantries then there they go. Fleeting in the wind like the songs of the birds. They used to have meaning an depth. Now nothing more then the empty air used to form the words that carry them.They accomplish nothing now, just to fill the empty void where they used to overfill with emotions and provoked thoughts. They will never be what they were if they continue on like this. All they are now is a way to maintain that which is lost, or try to maintain it. Though they know that they never will

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