Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Sunny Day

The air is perfect with that sharp summer crispness to it. The sun is out, beating down its glorious rays that excite, invite, and warm. There is a slight breeze that cools just enough to make it a comfortable summer day. the birds are out, there are children out playing. It is one of those rare days were it truly feels like paradise. Even the simple act of sitting in the front yard is enjoyable and relaxing. You can taste the paradise, smell the perfection. It is one of those days that you cherish, one where the most meaningful memories tend to take place. Nothing in the world can ruin it. Nor would anyone try to. When these conditions come forth it is as if the universe is at equilibrium, a perfect balance. There is no contention anywhere. You feel completely peaceful. These are the days we crave for at anytime. They make this whole life worth living.  

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