Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bright and Shining

There are bright things in this world
They shine with a brilliance that is unparalleled among the stars.
They bring forth hope and love. They come in all shapes,sizes, colors, and forms.

Bright things can be the people whose company we enjoy. Or the activities that bring us joy. Joy is one emotion that can encompass all things bright

Once we have those things that bring the brightness to our lives solidified and can identify their source then comes the shining. When we encounter the bright things in our lives then we truly begin to shine. The shining has to come from within. Although it is caused by those things that bring brightness , the shining moment, that stupendous moment when we finally shine for all we are worth can not be allowed to cone unless we feel it inside of ourselves. If we don't believe that we can do it an are special. All of the brightness that is here to help heal and make this world a better place will have been wasted. We can no longer let the brightness be wasted we must embrace it here and now. Today without hesitation. Without it the world and purslanes will fall into bitter despair, grief, sorrow.

This is our chance to make a change. We can't let it go to waste. Find the bright things. Find the shining from within and embrace the joy and beauty of that moment.

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