Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happiness Part II

Happiness comes in waves. Just like the ocean.There are high tides and low tides. There are also those mystical nights where there is no tide at all. At times there are high concentrations of happiness, which are obvious to see, others there are low concentrations where it is the little, subtle things that are signs of true happiness.  Then there are the days were there is no happiness at all. Like a wild roller coaster taking you on a ride. Some days you are as high as high and others you are beneath the line. The slumps as they are called. You can try all you want but they are inescapable. They will always be there in the end to bring you down. You just have to rise above it and try. But sadly you will fail sometimes, and relish in the depression that comes. But if you listen hard enough and truly seek you will find something to brighten your day. And that makes the pain a little more bearable, the suffering a little less, The burden a little lighter. Then slowly you begin to rise. With the knowledge that you will reach the peak. Slowly though and relish in the joy for every minute it lasts.

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