Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thoughts in my Head

When a thought enters the empty space that is my mind, they start as just a little trickle. Thoughts take the form of water and eventually fill the emptiness with millions of thoughts. Then that thought that started as a trickle still is separate, just trying to hold on, taking all of my focus to keep it that way. Then that trickle reaches the abyss, where all thoughts must go to come to fruition as actions and words. As the thought reaches the edge it goes over, then it hits a ledge and splits into all the different possibilities that could come from that thought. As the one thought keeps coming and splitting into innumerable different little thoughts, it grows into a torrent of emotion and thoughts all connected, growing with the power of the sea of thoughts still on the top of the abyss. the torrent becomes to much for my focus to control. The thought then is set free to go where it wants to. Being a thought it doesn't worry about the situation it has created or the repercussions of all the things that it is flooding my mind with.

This is where the analytic part of my brain comes into play and desperately over analyze's the whole thought in its entirety.     It explores every different possibility presented, and the many things attached with this one thought that sprouted from a trickle. Pretty soon it overcomes all other thought and function and consumes me. Then I lose all aspect of thought, and rational thinking. It confuses me to no end and then, as if someone has pulled out the plug the whole flood and sea of thought is gone. Just like that in one instantaneous moment.

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