Saturday, April 28, 2012

The circle of things

Many times throughout ones life they replace certain things or people. There are many reasons why a person might replace something, it might be broke and need fixed, it also might be outdated. Those are some of the reasons for someone to replace something. But there are entirely different reasons that come onto a play when a person is replacing another person. Those reasons are dependent on the circumstances that arise that instigate the need for a replacement. Some of the reasons that I have come across are that maybe the person you are replacing just doesn't fit with the group anymore. Another could be that special circumstance and problems arise that are too great an obstacle to overcome. Replacing an actual person is in my eyes more complicated then it seems. There has to be solid circumstance, also you would have to have a suitable replacement that seems better then the original at that time. I think that most times it is done unconsciously by the one who is replacing someone. They more then likely don't even realize that there is a problem that would cause a replacement of another human being. They don't think that anyone is really being replaced.

For those of you who read this post and think that some thing is going just be assured that there is nothing going on. This was written after a study of situations that came about by other people telling and confiding in me the problems they are facing.

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