Sunday, April 1, 2012

From The Dark Place

Every thing going great like the sun shining bright in the sky. Then suddenly the torrents of darkness and despair come crashing down like those of a great waterfall. They dredge up the pains and fears long put to rest. Always there at the very back of your mind, locked in the most complex safes kept within your mind. You snap and don't know why. You are blindsided with the emotions that they bring. You can't control it and feel helpless.It brings out the worst in you, makes you remember your short comings and makes you feel like dirt. It scares you into utter disarray. You can't think straight and it all gets confusing, like you're seeing the world and situations from a thousand different angles that are all coming from different places in your life.In the overwhelming stupor everything seems to become distant you are there but not. You have no control over what your body is doing. You sit back regretting every action, every thing that happens. You can't see the sense in what everyone else is trying to do to help. It is a scary place to be.Even scarier is that fact that it happens so often that you feel like all you can do to get better is to isolate your self from the world. Then you meet those who seem to break down the walls and help you to see sense, that it all can be dealt with.

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