Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yesterday~ The Jimmy Awards

Yesterday was a very long, eventful, and emotionally draining day. I had the opportunity to go with musical theater, to the Utah High School Musical Theater Awards. We were at USU from about 10-10. Throughout that day many things came to fruition. I had emotional breakdowns for no apparent reason that quite frankly scared me. Also I grew closer to people that I hadn't had the opportunity to get  to know before. I also figured out that I can solve my own problems, but at times the best way to get through something is with the help of a few people just having the gumption to ask what is wrong and when you wont say try to make you feel better no matter what. Also having someone to talk to that you trust, just by them saying that you can tell them anything can help you when you feel your darkest. I have hope for the next few years just because of what transpired yesterday. I am now a true believer that the best medicine for any ailment is laughter and good friends. To anyone that I hurt yesterday by my words or actions, I am so very sorry, I really can
't explain what was happening, but I would like to thank you for sticking by me. I really  don't know what would have happened if you guys wouldn't have been there.

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