Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Their are a very select few that I fell can make you truly happy. They are always there to lift you up when you feel down. They also can bring you down the most when you see them doing the things that you know they don't want to. Things that make them unhappy. True happiness comes from helping those you love and care about the most become truly happy. When they are happy you are,and it makes you feel all the better about yourself. If the ones that you care about disappoint or betray you thy us win the true pain can set in. That is when you are put into a place that it hurts to be in but you can't escape. Why don't we all just try and make everyone else happy because then we will all be happy. Those who are given the right to make others happy shouldn't abuse that power, we should cherish it and use it to the beat if our abilities. Then can we reach true happiness and get out of the dark place the we seem to always spiral into.

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