Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pet Peeves

There are many thighs that irk or annoy people. Those things are known to most people as pet peeves. All people have them and they are something you try to avoid at all costs, right so why do they always seem to be the mist attractive thing to do or person to be aquatinted with. Why do we as a people seem to torture ourselves by surrounding ourselves with things or people that just seem to get under are skin the most. I actually can't speak foe other people like I just did but on a personal level , I really do seem to surround my self with all of my pet peeves. Like hypocritical people, people who are self righteous, people who are so selfish that they can't see anything outside of their own self, another type of person that irks me are people that think the are gods gift to this world. There is one of those in every group, club, affiliation. Why do they have to be like that. Also there are some detonate thongs that irk me and annoy me to no end. One of those things is people taking matters of someone else's life and business into their own hands that is the worst. Along with that there are a great many other things that annoy me to the point that I just want to rip my hairs out one by one.

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